Lasercut Vs Traditional Cutting Services For Metal Fabrication.

There are many factors that put using lasercut services over the traditional method which includes;

1.MACHINE ACCURACY AND EFFICIENCY:  Laser cutting offers several benefits and unique advantages for metal fabrication that can save time and maximize resources. This technique has the ability to cut metals more precisely than other methods can, such as with plasma cutting or waterjet cutting. A laser beams accuracy and precision provides an intricate cut of the metal. The laser is fixed and moves along a narrow path. The heat cutting through the metal affects a smaller area, resulting in cleaner edges, but that smaller area also minimizes warping and distortion of the metal.

2.HIGH SPEED: One of the main advantages of laser cutting over other methods of cutting metal is the speed at which it works. Obviously, laser cutting is a lot faster than the traditional method of cutting metal, but is it faster than other modern techniques?Yes, it is. Laser cutting beats thermal cutting methods such as plasma or flame in speed when cutting metal of up to 10mm thick.

3.LOWER COST: The cost of laser cutting, like most other manufacturing processes, is determined by labor, operation, and machine costs (tools, dies, upkeep, etc.).Because laser cutting is a CNC highly automated process, labor costs are minimal compared to hand-operated machinery. Operating costs and machine costs fall in the middle of the road compared to other cutting techniques.

4.VERSATILITY: Many laser cutting machines are equipped with multi-axis layers. This mechanism allows them to cut a wide range of custom design and shapes. And, they can cut materials of all different types and thicknesses — including other metals and alloys. These machines are capable of cutting even the most complex structures with ease.Laser cutters can create complex shapes in a variety of materials — even capable of processing several different materials at once. These capabilities mean that the types of designs that laser cutting can fulfill are almost limitless.

5.GREAT QUALITY: The benefits of CNC automation go beyond reducing lead times. Computer-controlled processes also produce minimal variation when compared to non-automated ones. This results in a lower defect rate and higher quality cutting.

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