10 Space Saving Furniture Design For Your Home.

1. Mirror Ironing Board

You can try install this mirror ironing board for your home. It might looked like a harmless sleek mirror, but when you open it up, it will reveal a nice ironing board for you to iron your clothes.

2. Pull Out Sofa

When it comes to space-saving living room ideas, you definitely want to consider a futon or a sofa bed. Both these space-saving furniture ideas offer multipurpose utility to the room, as they can be used as a bed or as seating, depending on the situation. You can even use them in spare rooms or study rooms so they can double as space-saver bedroom furniture.

3. Stairs With Storage And Drawer

The staircase can double up as drawers and storage units underneath the stairs to save space in tiny apartments. It can also be customized to have open shelves to house planters for aesthetic effect.

4. Bunk Beds

It’s better to embrace vertical space-saving furniture ideas when it comes to children’s rooms since they require sufficient floor space to play. This is why a bunk bed makes a great fit for a kid’s room.

5. Small Sofa

For your living room, a two seater sofa can be used as to save more space in your living room instead of a large sofa that takes up all your space and restricting movement.

6. Under-bed Storage

 If all you’ve got under your bed is dust bunnies, it’s time to make use of that space. Invest in rolling storage bins that are designed to fit snugly under the bed. A rolling storage bin can work both as a bedside table and as practical storage.

7.Movable Clothe Rack

If you're not about to drill holes in the wall for a clothe rack, this sleek version fits easily in your bedroom. But you can also use it in the living room to hold your ~many~ blankets or as a drying rack when you're air-drying clothes.

8. Fold-able Chairs

You can easily safe space by using fold-able chairs in your kitchen, study or dinning room. Dining chairs can take up valuable space, so why not invest in stack-able chairs.

9.Study Unit With Bookshelf

Now that work from home has become routine, it is essential to have a study/workstation at home. This means you will need to create some extra space for your study unit. However, a study unit also requires a shelf unit to store your books and work documents. This is why we brought a multipurpose furniture design for your study unit that comes with an attached space-saving bookshelf. 

10. Folding Wall Table

 Let’s say you rarely use a dining table and think it would be a waste of space in the dining room. But what do you do when you have a couple of friends over? You can take a look at the folding wall table idea. When in use, it folds out from the wall and folds right back in as well. You can also install a picture on the backside or the downside of the table so that when it’s tucked into the wall, it can look like art on the wall.

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